I have had numerous occupations. A factory worker, helicopter pilot, a creative at Willow Creek Church Chicago, manager at World Vision, a corporate writer, a professional but desperate musician, a broke author and now a psychology student!

I have this childlike expectation that if people write honest, vulnerable and transparent stories, the world may possibly step back from the brink of insanity - naive I know.

My hope is that anything I write, whether literature or music, will give the reader or listener the sense that there is someone on the planet who has the same crazy thoughts as themselves and that somehow this might offer a sense of hope.

I am a father of twin girls and a husband of a wife who keeps my life together. We currently live in Melbourne after a 5 year season in the USA. My life has been a 'mixed box of chocolates', but the most recent soul searching journey has been navigating the treacherous path of severe Cerebral Palsy which my daughter lives with.

With its delivery of grief it has also brought the gift of a sobered mind and therefore the willingness to meet the challenge of reconciling the contradiction of life.