So here is my new album titled 'THUMP'. I hope it stays on your playlist and becomes part of your life's sound track for a season. The songs are on iTunes, or you can buy them cheaper on this page. If you choose to buy from my site you will receive a zip file with the artwork and songs. If you use an apple product it’ll work best if you download to your computer, drag into iTunes, and then sync your device (phone, tablet etc). If you usa an Android phone the file will open and automatically go in your play list. Feel free to scroll past the downloads for credits and musings. 

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Jay McNeill

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A collection of songs based on Jay McNeill's looper project.

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Over the last year I experimented with a drum / singing / keyboard / looper project, which I have gigged around Melbourne affording me the chance to craft new songs into a performance before I went into the studio. These new songs are based on what I do live with some extra production on top (my audience would die of boredom by the time I played all my production tricks into my looper). I have done everything on this project including the mix and I'm proud of the final result. The songs and style hark back to a very early CD I collaborated on called Groovy Doovee, which was a drum and keyboard duo with my extremely talented friend, Andy Sorenson. In fact, I have added a bonus track called 'Castle Down' from that project - even though it was recorded over 20 years ago, it fits nicely. 

Since I am being indulgent here, I'd love to take the time to reflect on my many influences over the years that help form the foundation for this new project. Many of the people who turned my world upside down and filled me with inspiration I have never met, but it hardly matters. This list could get get very long so I'll keep it to the few artists who literally pointed the way toward my musical path:  Sting, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, John Mayer, Steve Winwood, Jeff Porcaro, Aretha Franklin, Al Jarreau, Manu katche, Robben Ford, Sarah McLachlan, Randy Newman, Toto, Willie Nelson and U2. I feel like I should keep going...

Then there are my close friends who have impacted my music on a much more personal level, and maybe, more significantly. If the lottery of life had spun differently, I'm convinced they would be revered for their wonderful musicianship across the globe - Andrew Sorenson and my wife Helena McNeill. Their DNA is laced through my music, and if you listen closely, you can hear it. In churches, pubs and clubs I have been floored by their musicianship and their willingness to hand over their gift to audiences with stunning generosity. To all these people including those who will never stumble across this site, I humbly say thank you and i hope you can hear yourself in my melodies, performance and production. 

Even though I produced, played and mixed this project, it did have some input from my buddies. Andy Sorenson mastered my mixes and brought them to life. David Carr tracked my drums and Helena gave some integral advice during production, editing and mix-down. My Friend Nate Hill called me out of the blue to help with the artwork for this project, to say I love it would be an understatement. The picture in the middle of the drum is a shot he took in New Zealand and symbolises so much of my journey. Thank you guys and gal!

Then to you... my audience. I have been the beneficiary of wonderful letters and messages reminding me why of why I do this. My books and music haven't necessarily reached out to millions, but I have been part of building a great community and fostering hope through art. What a privilege. I hope I get to do this until I'm old and obnoxious!